Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Robbie Dohertry
Miguel Migs, Kaskade, Robbie Dohertry

Q&A with humble house music producer Robbie Doherty

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Breaking into the house music scene with the noteworthy song ‘Pour The Milk’ via Relentless/ Cr2 Records, the young DJ Robbie Doherty has received attention with over 37 million Spotify streams on the single since its release in 2019. Now releasing his latest EP Moving Rhythms with renowned music producer Max Chapman via record label PIV, Robbie Doherty is flourishing by the sounds of it. Inspired by 90’s house & disco music the DJ incorporates these influences under a deep house overlay. We asked Robbie a few questions about his goals and how he got into the scene below.

We have discovered that he is a humble soul that has a passion for the music industry, despite some minor setbacks.

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What’s your “secret sauce?” What makes your sound stand out?

Although I have my own little tricks, unfortunately, I haven’t found a recipe book for bangers. It’s usually happy little accidents that are developed into the best tunes!

Define a successful day in your eyes.

Any day I do something that makes a difference to my life or someone else’s… so, to be honest, most days are successful in my eyes!

What made you decide to pursue a musical career?

I never really decided to pursue a career in music… I kind of just kept making music as I just really enjoyed producing and gigging. Eventually, the ball started rolling and it was only when friends and family began asking me if I’m taking on the music full time I realised it could be a career path for me!

What would you be doing as a career if you never pursued music?

I’m currently finishing my degree at a university in Bristol. So I’d be applying for a lot of jobs right about now!

Pros and cons of the industry from your perspective?

The music industry requires a lot of self-belief. You have to keep a positive mindset as there will almost certainly be numerous setbacks before you achieve your goals. It’s also a great idea to keep people you trust close to you is like any industry there are a lot of egocentric people in the scene!

However, the pros of working in the music industry outweigh the cons by a landslide!

You get to do something you love, meet amazing new people and travel to places you thought you’d never see. Overall, I think there is a sense of togetherness in the music industry like no other!

Please list some of the most influential albums on your creative outlook and output:

My parent’s CD collection was key, there’s genuinely too many artists/bands to name!

Although, when it comes to inspiration for my music I do have a soft spot for the ethereal pad and synth sounds in the old trance nation CD’s released by the Ministry of Sound!

What key pieces of gear/software do you use to define your sound?

I made my early music on a student budget, so didn’t have much money for gear or software, so I made everything in the box on Ableton. This has actually helped me be super creative in the way I produce and get different sounds from the presets that many producers use!

Vinyl or CD?

Vinyl! I’m buying lots of records but haven’t even touched a CD in the past few years.

How has music production changed your outlook on life?

It certainly has! It’s made me realise you can predict what going to happen and that sometimes it’s worth the gamble devoting your time to something you love doing! If you put the time and effort into anything you’ll see success!

Tell us about your upcoming releases or projects?

My forthcoming music really showcases the sound I connect with when on the dancefloor. When I first started producing, I was really into deeper house music with plenty of pads and other ethereal melodic elements. I’m excited to bring the musicality into my productions with my PIV release ‘Moving Rhythms’ and other tracks coming out in the following months. I Can’t wait!

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