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DJ Antduan shares nostalgic deep house song, ‘Rain Drops ft. Alexandra Badoi’

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Nostalgic for days spent in close proximity in the early 2000s, hanging with your pals and significant others and dancing the night away? DJ Antduan brings the early 2000’s atmosphere back into 2021 with his latest single ‘Rain Drops’. This single will instantly take you back to days spent dancing around with your friends, the belly ring, crop top, and lip studs frenzy of that time.

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DJ Antduan brings the early 2000’s atmosphere back into 2021 with his single ‘Rain Drops’. Originally released as an instrumental single, Antduan searched for a singer that would complete the single – enter Alexander Badoi. This renowned singer made headway in her song collaboration ‘Cosmos’, with dance music powerhouse Armin Van Burren’s back in 2019. The singer seals the deal of an epic 2000’s deep house-inspired track. 

Listen: Antduan -‘ Rain Drops ft. Alexandra Badoi

Antduan elaborates on the single: I used to love those tunes from the early 2000’s trance scene and I feel that my song is in the same vibe as old songs, but with modern instruments. For me, having emotions and soul in my music is the most important thing and I am always trying to add them. I produced the instrumental version of ‘Rain Drops’ in the first lockdown time and it was one of my first tracks that had a really good reaction.

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