Deep-House Music Producer Christian Löffler Releases Another Live Session Around ‘The Song ‘Bird’

German deep-house producer, Christian Löffler decided to release another live session on 26 April. This one is mixed around the song ‘Bird’, listed off his 2019 album Graal (Prologue) released 5 April via Ki Records.
There’s something quite… dare I say it… romantic about watching Löffler create. He already knows exactly what he wants to do and where he wants to go with the track… or at the very least, it looks as if he does with his absolute calm demeanour – this is second nature to him. Effortlessly putting together a hypnotising piece of music in this candlelit room with what is undoubtedly one of his drawing stood up against the wall there. 
The sound is warm and inviting, immediately granting you that feeling of absolute relaxation from the overture to the completion of the session. Only I find myself watching it again because like most romances… it is over before you’re ready for it to end.



Album Tracklist:
Running (feat. Josephine Philip)
Like Water (feat. Mohna)



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